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Scorpions have flat and very thin bodies they can sliver through any place as small as 1/16”.  In the heat of the summer they are seeking cool, dark places that harbor the insects they prefer to eat.  All scorpions have venom that varies in potency by the species.  Similar pain to a bee sting, the bark scorpion packs a bigger punch when it comes to the side effects the venom have.   A Bark Scorpions sting causes very intense pain and burning sensations, and in some worse cases it can cause breathing difficulty, trouble swallowing, numbness, frothing at the mouth, vomiting, and even convulsions.  If you get stung by a scorpion do not hesitate to call poison control.  The most vulnerable to a scorpion sting are small children, elderly, and individuals who have poor health.  Domestic animals are also vulnerable



Anatomy of a Scorpion



Scorpions live in hot sand, but will refuge in shade when it is extremely hot because they are very sensitive to bright sun light.  There are several steps individuals can proceed to take to help strengthen the barrier for their home, and keep scorpions out.

1. Remove outdoor harborages, stones, firewood, trash, loose branches, and boards.

2. Make sure points of entry have proper sealing.

3. Use a residual, such as an encapsulated insecticide to apply to harboring areas and 3’-10’ band around the perimeter of the foundation being treated.

4. A residual dust may be used around steam wall of exterior.  Bark scorpions are excellent climbers so apply dust to the attic is always recommended to help prevent from entry through ceiling and vents.

5. Scorpions are nocturnal and mainly come out at night to hunt for prey which includes a variety of insects, spiders, centipedes, and even other scorpions.

6. Highly recommended that a resident experiencing a scorpion problems get a scorpion treatment and maintain a monthly pest control service to keep scorpions out of their home.

7. You can also inspect for scorpions to get a better idea on how much of infestation problem you have by using a UV light.  Ask us about our backlight inspection and our other treatment options including exterior and interior sealing treatment.  This treatment includes us filling any hole, cracks, or gaps on the exterior using a copper mesh, and using expanding foam inside outlets.







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